Karate Summer Camp 2023

Apr 21, '24: Summer Camp '24 is nearly upon us. There are still a couple of spots for this camp July 8-12th. To learn more and register, click here.

This summer's Karate Camp was packed full of new and exciting karate experiences. While much fun was had and many games were played, students also learned a great deal. Students learned and practiced many varied advanced belt level skills.

One of the many highlights of the week was learning a new two-person kata. Through practicing this kata students were able to see the benefits of learning a kata with another person, the bunkai and direct applications of the movements, and the challenges of synchronizing one’s timing and power.

Students also learned a new tanbo kata. For many students this was their first exposure to this traditional weapon. They were able to experience learning how to use weapons as an extension of our body through practicing basics and cinewalli striking drills.

Throughout the camp students were able to work on many different sparring techniques, and takedowns. Additionally, we practiced grappling techniques from both sparring and self-defense perspectives.

We wrapped up the week working on both knife and gun defenses. While learning these defenses, students were able to see that they are the same as some of the sticky hands and blocks we practiced throughout the week, just applied differently. While the rubber knives were fun, the water-gun defenses broke down into utter chaos. 😁

Overall, this year's Karate Camp was an incredibly exciting week, and I am looking forward to teaching new skills in next year's camp!